College TextBooks On iPad

Can you get your college TextBooks on the Ipad?

The answer is yes!

Since the Apple iPad was introduced in the spring of 2010, the new tablet computer has been an instant hit.  With several million units already sold, the iPad is on track to be one of the most popular electronic devices ever made.

The iPad is a flexible device with more than 100,000 different apps available but the most popular use is as an eBook reader.

Even though there are several eBook readers on the market, it has taken several years for them to gain traction and popularity. Finally in 2010, with the help of the iPad, eBook readers are steadily gaining in popularity.

In fact, many college-aged iPad buyers report that they plan to utilize their new device as an aid to their college textbooks on ipad

The main benefits of using the iPad for your  college textbooks are:

  • Online delivery – The Ipad user can download their college text books immediately, avoiding any delays and the possibility of the books being out of stock.
  • Cheaper textbook prices – Not having to print a physical copy of a book saves the publisher money.¬† Some of these savings are passed along to the Ipad owner as a discount on their text books.
  • Additional functionality and more options to take advantage of the Ipad’s technology – The ability to search the text, play videos, highlight topics, take notes and record voice are all possible with college textbooks purchased for the Ipad.

As of the middle of 2010, there are a growing number of text books available for download on the Ipad with more coming on board daily. College textbook publishers are wasting no time getting their texts, study guides and test prep manuals & materials onto the new Ipad.

college-text-books-on-ipadThis means, more and more college bound students will be using the iPad as a platform for their textbooks and associated materials this year.